Rudolf Steiner: Band 10: Schriften zur meditativen Erarbeitung der Anthroposophie I (1912‒1913)

Ein Weg zur Selbsterkenntnis des Menschen – Die Schwelle der geistigen Welt.

Edited and annotated by Christian Clement.
With an introduction by Terje Sparby.
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288 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-5110-0
December 2022

After completing his main esoteric work ›Geheimwissenschaft im Umriss‹ in 1910, Rudolf Steiner kept looking for ever new ways of reshaping the linguistic and textual presentation of his Anthroposophy. In the monographs published in this volume, ›Ein Weg zur Selbsterkenntnis des Menschen‹ (1912) und ›Die Schwelle der geistigen Welt‹ (1913), he attempted to develop central aspects of anthroposophical thinking in the form of short meditation texts. The individual chapters of the texts represent, on the one hand, a theoretical contribution to the anthroposophical understanding of consciousness; on the other hand, they provide concrete instructions how to practically work on the development of consciousness.

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