Rudolf Steiner: Band 15: Schriften zur Anthroposophischen Medizin

Grundlegendes für eine Erweiterung der Heilkunst.

Edited and annotated by Christian Clement.
With an introduction by Michaela Glöckler.
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460 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-5115-5
December 2024
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The 1925 book ›Fundamentals for the Enhancement of the Art of Healing‹ is the only text published by Rudolf Steiner that he did not author all by himself. Instead, the book was written in cooperation with his friend and companion Dr. Ita Wegmann and represents the basic text of anthroposophical medicine as a spiritual approach to the art of healing. As such, the text is not only to be understood as a theoretical explanation of the fundamentals of anthroposophical medicine, but also as a practical instruction manual for training doctors in the anthroposophical way of understanding the multifaceted nature of human beings.

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