Nicodemus Frischlin: Band V,2: Lyrik II

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ISBN 978-3-7728-2806-5
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The second volume of Frischlin’s lyric poetry contains his poems from between 1573 and 1577. His fame, which was at its height in those years, was officially confirmed in 1576, through his coronation as poeta laureatus, the most important recognition of his time for a poet. The works from this period cover the entire range of occasional poetry, from the famous didactic poem Consideratio novae stellae, a description of the first ever documented supernova, to farewell and congratulatory poems for his fellow students in Tübingen, a funeral poem for Eva Christina von Württemberg-Mömpelgard and two epistolary love poems for Dorothea Ursula von Baden-Durlach and Ludwig von Württemberg (Epistolae duae), which brilliantly paraphrase Ovid’s Heroides. The Latin texts are presented with synoptic German translations and textual variants. A commentary volume providing ample background information is currently in preparation. The edition is aimed at scholars of German, Neo-Latin, and History of the Early Modern Period.

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