Jacob Böhme: Historisch-kritische Gesamtausgabe

Edited by Günther Bonheim.
In cooperation with the Jacob-Böhme-Research Centre at the University of Stuttgart.
Ca. 30 Volumes
ISBN 978-3-7728-5000-4
30 Volumes in preparation

Jacob Böhme (1575–1624), in his own words an »uneducated und not very knowledgeable man«, who was however summoned by God to say »great things«, was one of the outstanding philosophers of the early modern period. The last of the great Christian mystics, he can also be seen as a (critical) forerunner of the European Enlightenment. There was a wide reaction to his writings during the time of the early Enlightenment in Holland. In Germany they exerted a strong influence on philosophy around the year 1800 in particular. Hegel recognized him as being the »first German philosopher«, and Schelling and the Jena Romantics associated with F. Schlegel, Tieck and Novalis as well as younger philosophers such as W. Benjamin were also inspired by Böhme. For the first time, this new edition of Jacob Böhme’s works provides all of the surviving writings and letters in autograph manuscripts or handwritten copies in an historico-critical edition. Böhme’s original manuscripts are presented synoptically with a transcription. All further relevant textual media are made available in a digital form. Each volume also contains explanatory texts describing the development, dissemination and impact of the work as well as an annotation of passages and indices.

Historisch-kritische Gesamtausgabe


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Jacob Böhme: Abteilung I: Schriften

Edited by Günther Bonheim.
Ca. 28 Volumes
ISBN 978-3-7728-5029-5


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