Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse: Band 66: Szene – Verwicklung – Performance

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  • Ellen Reinke: From ›Scenic Evidence‹ to ›Scenic Understanding‹. Alfred Lorenzer’s Step Beyond Simple Hermeneutics in Psychoanalysis (article in German) Buy article
  • Annemarie Laimböck: Reflecting on »Szenisches Verstehen« − Today (article in German)
  • Timo Storck: Doing Transference – Acting Out and Enactment as Ways of Negotiating Aspects of the Transference Relationship (article in German)
  • Helmut Hinz: The Analyst’s Involvement in the Counter-Transference − The Kernel of Truth in the Patient’s Delusion (article in German)
  • Joachim F. Danckwardt: Performance − Remarks on the Development of Concept, Differentiation, Value of Explanation and Utility in Psychoanalysis (article in German)
  • Raymond Borens: The Analytic Act as Symbolic Event (article in German)


  • Thomas Ebke: A Genealogy of the Homo Absconditus: Freud, Lacan, Plessner (article in German)

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