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Klinik der Psychoanalyse:

  • Hanna Segal: The Uses and Abuses of Counter-Transference (article in German) Buy article
  • Hermann Beland: The Explanatory and Clinical Usefulness of the Concept of Death Instinct. Discussion of Clinical and Theoretical Examples of Some of Its Representatives (article in German) Buy article

Theorie der Psychoanalyse:

  • Friedrich-Wilhelm Eickhoff: Some Aspects of Mourning. On the Continuum of Normal and Pathological Mourning and Manic-Depressive States (article in German) Buy article
  • Lilli Gast: On Negation. Freud’s Essay Revisited (article in German) Buy article
  • Erika Krejci: The Prism of Bion’s Concepts. On the Theoretical Foundation for Dealing with Thought Processes Beyond Symbolisation (article in German) Buy article
  • Thomas Müller: On Freud’s Psychosis Theory Buy article


  • Ludger van Gisteren: Psychoanalysis and Neurobiology (article in German) Buy article

Freud als Briefschreiber:

  • Gerhard Fichtner: »Ich schreibe jetzt schon vier Wochen, schreibe, schreibe ...«. Ein Brief Freuds an Ruth Mack Brunswick aus dem Jahre 1929. Buy article

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