Immanuel Kant: Neue Reflexionen. Die frühen Notate zu Baumgartens ›Metaphysik‹

Mit Übersetzung der lateinischen Notate sowie des Textes Baumgartens

Edited by Lothar Kreimendahl.
In cooperation with Günter Gawlick and Michael Oberhausen.
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fhS 12
250 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2959-8
August 2024
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Kant’s notes on Baumgarten’s ›Metaphysica‹, written around 1755/56 on the occasion of a metaphysics lecture, were published for the first time in 2019 in the FMDA series. This student edition presents this text material, which was only discovered in 2000, in a modified presentation. The reference text of the notations, Baumgarten’s ›Metaphysica‹, is provided in German translation. Also translated are Kant’s notations written in Latin. Furthermore, a more precise assignment of Kant’s remarks to the relevant passages in Baumgarten’s text is provided. Passages that are difficult to understand are paraphrased and fragmentary remarks are provided with detailed explanations. This preparation of the text material allows a clear view of Kant’s early metaphysical convictions, including his criticism of Baumgarten’s rationalist concept.

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