Band 3: Gabriel Wagner (1660–1717)

Selected texts and documents.

With an introduction edited by Siegfried Wollgast.
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Gabriel Wagner, who usually published under the pseudonym Realis de Vienna, belonged to the influential group of freethinkers in the German Enlightenment who advocated a strict separation of philosophy and theology. He did in fact tolerate the theology which was based on revelation, but was vehemently in favor of physics, mathematics and political science. It was in them that he saw the fundamentals of philosophy.



  • Realis de Vienna [Gabriel Wagner]: Discursus et Dubia in Christ. Thomasii Introductionem ad Philosophiam Aulicam
  • Realis de Vienna [Gabriel Wagner]: Prüfung Des Versuchs Vom Wesen des Geistes, den Christian Thomas, Prof. in Halle, 1699, An Tag Gegeben
  • Realis de Vienna [Gabriel Wagner]: Meditation de gravitatis et cohaesionis causa


  • Jucundus de Laboribus [J. J. Lange]: Freye Gedanken von Realis de Vienna Prüfung des Verscuhs Vom Wesen des Geistes
  • F. M. v. B.: Antwort auff Jucundi de Laboribus Unverschämtheit, die er wider Realem de Vienna vorbringt
  • Gabriel Wagner: Vorschlag an die Königliche Weltweise Gesellschaft in Berlin
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