Band 4: Urban Gottfried Bucher (1679–1724)

With an introduction edited by Martin Mulsow.
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PhC I,4
ISBN 978-3-7728-1417-4
August 2021
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The physician U. G. Bucher was a student of Friedrich Hoffmann, who together with Boerhave in Leiden and Stahl in Halle was one of the three major theoreticians of medicine in the early 18th century. The ›Brief-Wechsel‹ (Correspondence), presumably written by Bucher, is the most important contribution of German freethinking to the criticism of spiritualist rational psychology. The standpoint expressed in the ›Brief-Wechsel‹ is a materialism which originated from medical and philosophical sources (Hobbes among others) on the basis of which a sensualistic epistemology is outlined.


  • Urban Gottfried Bucher: Zweyer Guten Freunde Brief-Wechsel vom Wesen der Seelen. Sammt eines Anonymi lustigen Vorrede (1713)


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