Christian Wolff: Discursus praeliminaris de philosophia in genere. Einleitende Abhandlung über Philosophie im allgemeinen

Historisch-kritische Ausgabe.

Translated, introduced and edited by Günter Gawlick and Lothar Kreimendahl.
With an introduction to the first section of the FMDA by Norbert Hinske.
LXVIII, 293 p., 17,4 x 24,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1523-2
Single price:
€ 89.–

After Christian Wolff (1679–1754) had completed the works he wrote in German, in 1728 he established a series containing the works he wrote in Latin entitled ›Philosophia Rationalis sive Logica‹. His goal in doing so was to disseminate his doctrine in all of Europe. The ›Logica‹ was preceded by the ›Einleitende Abhandlung über Philosophie im allgemeinen‹ (Introductory Treatise on Philosophy in General) as a kind of manifesto. In spite of its considerable significance for Enlightenment philosophy, it has not yet been completely translated into German. The editors have produced a critical edition of the Latin text, using all of the editions published during Wolff’s lifetime, and have added a new translation as well as an introduction and annotations. There is a complete index to the Latin text in FMDA III,20.

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