Johann Nicolaus Tetens: Über die allgemeine speculativische Philosophie

Historisch-kritische Ausgabe.

Edited and introduced by Heinrich P. Delfosse and Alexei Nikolaevič Krouglov.
In cooperation with Katharina Probst.
XLVIII, 149 p., 3 ill., 17,7 x 24,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2831-7
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€ 128.–
eISBN 978-3-7728-3206-2
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In 1775, Tetens had already attempted to consolidate metaphysics – even before such contemporaries as Lambert and Kant. By drawing on empiristic as well as rationalistic traditions, he developed the idea of a philosophical ›Grundwissenschaft‹ (universal foundational science) and explains the necessity, goals and form of this. This volume is not only useful for those doing research on Tetens; it is also a key to late Enlightenment philosophy in Germany in the 18th century. This new edition, with a text-critical apparatus and explanations of the subjects provides a revised text. It contains contemporary recensions, a comprehensive Tetens bibliography as well as material on his life and work, among which is a list of Tetens’ lectures along with compendia of these.

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