Immanuel Kant: Mittagsbüchlein

Selbstzeugnisse eines greisen Königsbergers und Berichte seiner Zeitgenossen

Edited by Werner Stark.
With an essay by Kurt Röttgers.
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200 p., 12 ill.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2965-9
August 2024
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Given the sheer number of editions of Immanuel Kant’s works and an even larger amount of research literature, a biographically interesting gap is surprising. A group of documents left behind that were written by Kant has not received sufficient attention so far: The so-called Memorien- or Mittagsbüchlein from the last years of the life of the Königsberg philosopher. Drawing on other contemporary sources, Werner Stark addresses this desideratum with the present edition of two previously unpublished ›booklets‹ from 1802 and 1803 and uncovers numerous details from Kant’s private life that are relevant for research.

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