Norbert Hinske: Band 3.1: Stellenindex

XCV, 358 p., Mit zwei Abbildungen der Logik Blomberg, 17,8 x 24,5 cm.
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Kant’s logic lectures are anything but a special course of lectures on the problems of logic. They are more like a first introduction to philosophy in general and in a unique way they reflect the intellectual world of the German Enlightenment. In the third volume of the Kant Index, a transcript of such a logic lecture is broken down lexically for the first time. As a result of this, the language and terminology of Enlightenment philosophy in the 18th century are readily accessible. The Logik Blomberg (Blomberg Logic) goes back to the beginning of the seventies and is thus one of the earliest of the completely extant transcripts. Together with the first two volumes of the Kant Index, this index volume is an important resource for understanding the variety of references in the lecture notes, the compendium which Kant used and the reflections in the literary remains on logic. The repeatedly discussed questions pertaining to the reliability, the origins and the age determination of the transcripts are thus at least somewhat closer to being solved. With the aid of comprehensive lists of typographical errors and errors in transcription, emendations and conjectures, several hundred errors in Volume XXIV of the Academy edition have also been corrected on the basis of the transcript.

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