Norbert Hinske: Band 14: Personenindex zum Logikcorpus

Compiled in cooperation with Heinrich P. Delfosse and Elfriede Reinhardt.
CV, 156 p., Mit einer Abb. der Logik Pölitz, 17,8 x 24,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0985-9
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€ 298.–

This volume contains all those personal names included in Kant’s body of work on logic and thus provides an important supplement to the ›Personenindex zu Kants gesammelten Schriften‹ (Index of Persons to Kant’s Collected Works) by Gottfried Martin, published in 1969, which does not contain the transcripts of Kant’s lectures. It is divided into three parts: a lemmatized index of places, a concordance and an index of the distribution of names. The concordance provides each context in which an author is mentioned and at the same time makes it possible to see at a glance the parallels between the reflections in the handwritten literary remains and the lecture notes and also between the various lecture notes themselves (as well as the Jäsche logic). The index of the distribution of names on the other hand illustrates the focus of Kant’s interests in the history of philosophy in particular. Based on numerous word lists compiled according to frequency, a frequency curve and word distribution diagram, a comprehensive introduction provides a first detailed analysis of the development of Kant’s language and terminology and thus at the same time gives evidence which can be used to determine the dates on which the various lecture notes were written.

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