Maria die Himmels-Thür

Ein anonymes Theophilus-Drama 1655 bei den Straubinger Jesuiten aufgeführt.

Edited by André Schnyder.
Translated in cooperation with Andreas Ammann.
X, 489 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2861-4
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€ 248.–
eISBN 978-3-7728-3223-9
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For the first time, this edition presents the text, unique and handed down only in writing, of ›Maria Die Himmels-Thür‹ (Mary The Gates of Heaven), a drama which was performed in Straubing in 1655, to all those doing research in the fields of literary studies, theater history and the histories of themes and piety. Apart from a summary of Straubing’s theater history, which was heavily influenced by the Jesuits, and a text interpretation written by readers from various disciplines, the reprint of the German Periocha, the translation which is parallel to the original Latin text, a commentary referring to languages and subjects as well as an outline of the reception of this material up to the 17th century provide a suitable approach to the text.


Cora Dietl, European Medieval Drama

»This is a book that will certainly endure and will be very helpful for generations of scholars dealing with early modern drama.«

Cora Dietl,
European Medieval Drama

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