Johann Gottlieb Fichte: Band II,17: Nachgelassene Schriften 1813–1814. Nachtrag

Includes the table of contents of all 42 volumes.

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The »Introduction to the Wissenschaftslehre« of November/December 1813 leads from the everyday realistic standpoint to the transcendental view, and aims to consolidate the learner in the new cognition through the living instruction of the teacher. The »Diarium III« (October 1813-January 1814) continues the reflections of the previous two diaries and seeks to discover a satisfying presentation for the relationship or interpenetration between the divine life and the formative I. The 1814 Wissenschaftslehre starts with the supreme schema – from the self-understanding of the Wissenschaftslehre itself, and derives every other standpoint from it. In early 1814 Fichte contracted a fatal illness and the manuscript therefore breaks off after only five lectures. The final supplementary section includes mostly fragmentary texts whose chronology and content is difficult to classify. – This volume also contains a detailed index with the contents of all 42 volumes that is arranged both chronologically and according to subject matter and which should greatly assist in the location of specific texts within the Complete Edition.


  • Diarium III (Oktober 1813‐Januar 1814)
  • Vorarbeiten zur Einleitungsvorlesung
  • Einleitung in die Wissenschaftslehre (November/Dezember 1813)
  • Wissenschaftslehre aus dem Jahre 1814
  • Nachtrag
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