Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling: Band I,4

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Allgemeine Übersicht (1797–1798)
An Heydenreich (1797)
Antwort auf Tittmann (1797)
Carus-Rezension (1798)
Offenbarung und Volksunterricht (1798)
Schlosser-Rezension (1798)

The ›Allgemeine Übersicht‹ (›Abhandlungen zur Erläuterung des Idealismus der Wissenschaftslehre‹), (Treatises on the Explanation of the Idealism of the Theory of Science) 2nd edition 1809, was published anonymously between November 1796 and July 1798 in the ›Philosophical Journal‹ edited by Niethammer and Fichte . Schelling intervened in the dispute surrounding Kantian philosophy in order to take a stand against the conservative Kantians and against Reinhold and to indicate his own position. The edition incorporates five different versions of the first printing and gives a bibliographical analysis of the literature which Schelling quoted or to which he alluded. Schelling’s scathing criticism of Schlossers anti-Kantian missives, which had caused a stir (Schiller: »miserable emptiness and platitude«, is also in the context of the Kant debate. The editorial report deals with this controversy. In his review entitled ›Ueber Offenbarung und Volksunterricht‹ (On Revelation and National Education) of Niethammer‘s dissertation ›De Revelatione‹, Schelling enlarges upon Niethammer’s criticism of the concept of revelation, which excludes this concept from the use of reason and restricts it to an educational usefulness. The subsequent atheism dispute was forthcoming.

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