Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling: Band I,12,1-2: Schriften 1802–1803

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  • Fernere Darstellungen aus dem System der Philosophie
  • Miscellen. Benehmen des Obscurantismus gegen die Naturphilosophie
  • Die vier edlen Metalle
  • Ueber das Verhältniß der Naturphilosophie zur Philosophie überhaupt
  • Ueber die Construction in der Philosophie – u.a.

This volume contains Schelling’s texts written during the second half of 1802: his texts in the ›New Journal of Speculative Physics‹, the most significant of which was ›Ferneren Darstellungen aus dem System der Philosophie‹ (Further Presentations from the System of Philosophy), and Schelling’s works from Volume 1,3 of the ›Critical Journal of Philosophy‹, which he co-authored with Hegel. Here he dealt with subjects pertaining to the philosophy of nature, the method of construction, questions of religion and mythology and issues in dispute at that time. Two short texts previously not incorporated in his works but related to these projects complete the edition.

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