Moses Mendelssohn: Band 5,2: Rezensionsartikel in ›Allgemeine deutsche Bibliothek‹ (1765–1784). Literarische Fragmente

Edited by Eva J. Engel.
LXIX, 327 p., 15,6 x 20,9 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1011-4
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The second volume in the set contains Mendelssohn‘s essays on Nicolais and his ›Allgemeiner deutscher Bibliothek‹ (German General Library) as well as the first publications of several literary fragments. The long reviews of the AdB (common German reference work) mention, among others, the philosophy of Lamberts, the ›Querelle des anciens et moderns‹ (based on a translation of Homer by Bitaubé), Ramlers theory of odes (Odentheorie) and several essays which had been previously overlooked e.g. on Garve and Abbt). Among the literary fragments are Mendelssohn’s comments on John Brown’s ›History of the Rise and Fall of Poetry through its Several Species‹, which were believed to have been lost, a further part of a Shaftesbury translation and Mendelssohn’s notes on a book of concepts from 1783/84.

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