Bernard Bolzano: Band III,5,1: Briefe an Josef Sommer und andere. 1812–1848

Edited by Jan Berg.
275 p., 18,1 x 25,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2333-6
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Bolzano’s letters to his former student Josef Sommer are, apart from the letters to Michael Josef Fesl und František Příhonský, the third largest collection of letters in Bolzano’s literary estate. The letters to Sommer show the progress of his work on the ›Wissenschaftslehre‹ (Theory of Science) and the ›Größenlehre‹ (Theory of Quantities), among other things. This volume also contains letters to the mathematician Johann Friedrich Christian Werneburg, to his former students Florian Werner, Václav Alois Svoboda and Johann August Zimmermann as well as to the educators Franz Carl Hillardt and his friends Antonín Karel Přibyl, Jan Pospíšil and Franz Pistl.


Steffen Höhne, Bohemia

»ein geistesgeschichtlich-biografisches Dokument von höchster Qualität [...], welches die Kenntnisse wichtiger intellektueller Strömungen vor 1848 in entscheidender Weise zu bereichern vermag.«

Steffen Höhne,
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