Johann Gottlieb Fichte: Die späten wissenschaftlichen Vorlesungen II: 1811

Mit einer Einleitung in die Spätphilosophie J. G. Fichtes von Reinhard Lauth.

Edited by Ives Radrizzani.
fhS 2
LXIV, 427 p., 11,3 x 17,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2010-6
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€ 39.80

In its coherence and differentiation, Fichte‘s talk on ›Wissenschaftslehre 1811‹ (Epistemology 1811) is the climax of his later philosophy. The hypothetical starting point is the statement that »the absolute appears«. He proves this assertion by using a continuous deduction of the stages of the appearance of the absolute. The ›Epistemology‹ was followed by Fichte’s introductory lecture ›Über das Wesen der Philosophie‹ (On the Nature of Philosophy), in three transcripts by colleagues, in which Fichte deals particularly with the different methods in the sciences. The lectures, published here for the first time, on ›The Facts of Consciousness‹, held in the winter semester of 1811/12 (in the transcripts of his colleagues in Halle) give an objective account of all possibilities of knowledge and serve as a (didactic) prerequisite for understanding the ›Epistemology‹. The volume also includes a detailed introduction which acknowledges Fichte‘s lecturing in Berlin, describes the entire series of lectures he held in Berlin and also deals with the individual content of the works. The current bibliography of secondary literature for the texts in Volumes I and II of the student text edition is also very useful.


  • ›Wissenschaftslehre 1811‹
  • ›Über das Wesen der Philosophie 1811‹ (in drei Kollegnachschriften)
  • ›Von den Thatsachen des Bewußtseyns 1811‹ (Hallesche Kollegnachschrift)
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