Johann Gottlieb Fichte: Die späten wissenschaftlichen Vorlesungen I: 1809–1811

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The introductory lecture held in the winter of 1809 discusses the road leading from a vague premonition of the truth to clear scientific knowledge. As is the case with all theories of science developed during the later years of a philosopher’s life, the ›Wissenschaftslehre 1810‹ (Epistemology 1810) is guided by the following basic idea: Knowledge is, in accordance with its fundamental character, an image of the absolute. It is in self-penetration that this knowledge rises from lower principles to continuously higher forms of reflection (»schemata«) of its regularity, whereby the individual versions up to 1814 all began with continuously higher standpoints. In the introductory lecture held in October of 1810, Fichte deals with the question of how it is possible to convey empirical, historical and psychic knowledge. The purpose of the ›Thatsachen des Bewußtseyns‹ (Facts of Consciousness) (1810/1811) is to lead from everyday consciousness to the scientific level, as did the Platner lectures held during his time in Jena. Based on the observation of factual-hypothetical fields of knowledge they rise to their principles, not yet however in their complete systematic context.


  • ›Zu der Einleitung in die gesammte Philosophie‹ Winter 1809
  • Entwurf zu einer Einleitungsvorlesung 1809
  • ›Wissenschaftslehre 1810‹
  • ›Die Wissenschaftslehre 1810 im Umriß‹
  • Einleitungsvorlesung Oktober 1810 nach Twesten
  • ›Die Thatsachen des Bewußtseyn‹ 1810/1811


Jean-Marie Vaysse, Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Étranger

»Man kann sich angesichts dieses hervorragenden Vorhabens nur glücklich schätzen, besonders hinsichtlich der Qualität der Ausgabe, die ein mit besonders großer Sorgfalt erstelltes Sachregister enthält.«

Jean-Marie Vaysse,
Revue Philosophique de la France et de l’Étranger
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