Band 3,1-2: Isaac La Peyrère: Praeadamitae – Systema theologicum (1655)

Translated, introduced and edited by Herbert Jaumann and Reimund B. Sdzuj.
In cooperation with Franziska Borkert.
FeA I,3.1-2
2 Volumes
LXXXVIII, 1096 p., 7 ill., 15,5 x 21,0 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1613-0
Single price:
€ 198.–

This bilingual edition contains the main works written by Isaac La Peyrères, an appendix with commentaries on the texts, documents on the origins and the reception of the texts as well as an introduction to the history of the problem. The ›Präadamiten-These‹ (Prae-Adamitae) occupied a key position in the heretical criticism of the Bible in the 17th century, in which it was claimed that there must have been human beings before Adam and that the Bible does not tell the story of mankind in general but only of the chosen people of Israel.


Arno Widmann, Berliner Zeitung

»Warum heute La Peyrère? Es gibt einen einfachen Grund. [...] Es ist einer der großen Texte der europäischen Aufklärung, den man jetzt in einer deutschen Übersetzung lesen kann. Jede größere Bibliothek sollte ihn haben.«

Arno Widmann,
Berliner Zeitung
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