Trieb und Ödipus

Einführung in das Denken und Werk von Judith Le Soldat.

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Judith Le Soldat made pioneering discoveries in the context of her theory of oedipal development: the child creates imaginary organs, commits castration, robbery and betrayal in his imagination and thereby gets into hopeless desperate emotional situations. These infantile solutions leave deep traces in the human psyche and lead to the fatal human tendency to misfortune. This innovative extension of oedipal development theory closes gaps in classical psychoanalysis, opens new perspectives and more effective treatment options, e.g. for inhibitions of success, various anxieties, depression and sexual symptoms. In the first volume of the series, connoisseurs of Judith Le Soldat’s work first introduce their new and expanded theory of the Oedipus complex, and then explain their therapeutic application using detailed and precise observations of children and their treatment reports. The book addresses experienced psychoanalysts and psychotherapists as well as students and interested laypersons.

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