J. G. Fichte in zeitgenössischen Rezensionen

Specula 2,1-2,4
4 Volumes
XLI, 1811 p., 15,5 x 21,0 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1489-1
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Fichte himself attached great importance to public reviews. His critics included such distinguished authors as Aenesidemus-Schulze, Gentz, J. B. Erhard, K. C. E. Schmid, Beck, Abicht, K. L. Reinhold, Bouterwek, Feder, Tieftrunk, Trapp, Tiedemann, Schleiermacher, Friedrich Schlegel, Jean Paul, Herbart, Rehberg, Nicolai, Adam Müller, Schwab, Köppen, Luden, Schelling and Fries. Knowing how important the repercussions from the judgment of his contemporaries were for Fichte himself and the extent to which the knowledge of these relationships can facilitate the understanding of Fichte’s works, a collection of the reviews was compiled. A list of journals and reviewers make the volumes user-friendly.

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