Sebastian Brant: Kleine Texte

Critical edition.

Edited and introduced by Thomas Wilhelmi.
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3 Volumes
855 p., 18 ill., 15,5 x 21,0 cm.
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Sebastian Brant (1457–1521) is commonly known as the author of the ›Narrenschiff‹ (Ship of Fools), published in 1494 in Basel. In his day, Brant was however also known and famous as an outstanding lawyer, a skillful politician (town clerk of Strasbourg and an advisor of Emperor Maximilian) and the author of numerous Latin and German occasional poems as well as a translator, editor and a close collaborator of the printing and publishing companies in Basel (Amerbach, Petri, Furter, Froben and primarily Bergmann von Olpe). This volume contains 469 small texts. Most of them have been critically edited and are being published in their unabridged versions for the first time, and there is a large number of texts which were largely or completely unknown up to now: Latin poetry, various types of Latin and German occasional poems, forewords, letters, German translations and adaptations of medieval prose and poetry. Volume 2 contains commentaries on the individual texts and detailed indexes, and in addition numerous plates of relatively unknown manuscripts.


Wilhelm Kühlmann, FAZ

»Nicht nur für die Brantforschung, sondern für alle Historiker der Frühen Neuzeit hat Wilhelmi ein hochzuschätzendes, in jahrelanger Mühe erarbeitetes Werk vorgelegt, das unsere Kenntnisse enorm bereichert.«

Wilhelm Kühlmann,
Silvia Serena Tschopp, Germanistische Mitteilungen

»Das Verdienst der vorliegenden Edition liegt nicht nur in der Eröffnung neuer Forschungsperspektiven, sondern auch darin, daß sie eine sinnvoll ausgewählte und sorgfältig bewerkstelligte Zusammenstellung von Texten Brants in lateinischer und deutscher Sprache [...] bietet.«

Silvia Serena Tschopp,
Germanistische Mitteilungen
Modern Language Studies

»The quality of production, characteristic of the publisher, makes the volumes a pleasure to use.«

Modern Language Studies
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