Leonardus Lessius: De iustitia et iure caeterisque virtutibus cardinalibus. Über die Gerechtigkeit und das Recht und die übrigen Kardinaltugenden. Teil I

De prudentia. Über die Klugheit. De iustitia in genere eqs. Grundbegriffe.

Edited and introduced by Nils Jansen.
Translated into German by Klaus Wille.
In cooperation with Konstantin Liebrand.
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550 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2901-7
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€ 268.–
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In the first volume of the 1605 edition of ›De iustitia et iure caeterisque virtutibus cardinalibus‹, Leonardus Lessius combines his discussion of both the theological and legal significance of the virtue of prudence with his general doctrine of law. He gives a general explanation of the virtue of justice, then focuses on the concept of law subjectively and objectively. In particular, Lessius examines the notion of ›dominium‹, which constitutes a systematic basis for the late scholastic natural law theory. With this concept Lessius refers not only to property, but also to comprehensive sovereignty. Additionally, in his work private law issues are explained, i.e., how property is acquired and lost.

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