Karl Leonhard Reinhold: Band 5: Korrespondenz 1793

456 p., 10 ill.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0831-9
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This volume contains Reinhold’s correspondence from 1793. This was the year in which Lavater acted as an intermediary in obtaining Reinhold the offer of a professorship in Kiel, which was to usher in a defining development in his career. The letters presented here are devoted to this fateful turning point. In addition, the political backdrop with the dramatic events in France (the execution of Louis XVI) played a decisive role throughout (see Reinhold’s article about the French Revolution published in the German Mercury). During this time Reinhold was also focusing intensively on the subject of free will. The discovery of Fichte and his »Critique of All Revelation,« which was published anonymously, was of particular importance to him. His most important correspondents included Baggesen, Erhard, Jacobi, Kant, Lavater, Carl Christian Erhard Schmid and Wieland. This volume contains a bibliography, detailed indexes of subjects, persons and places as well as lists of Reinhold’s written works and reviews from 1793.

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