Bernard Bolzano: Band I,8,3: Lehrbuch der Religionswissenschaft. Dritter Teil. §§ 167-234

Ein Abdruck der Vorlesungshefte eines ehemaligen Religionslehrers an einer katholischen Universität, von einigen seiner Schüler gesammelt und herausgegeben (Sulzbach 1834).

Edited by Jaromír Louzil.
237 p., 18,1 x 25,4 cm.
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  • Dritter Abschnitt. Christkatholische Anthropologie oder Lehre vom Menschen §§§ 167-196
  • Vierter Abschnitt. Von den Verhältnissen Gottes zu uns Menschen §§ 197-220
  • Fünfter Abschnitt. Von den Verhältnissen der Geschöpfe unter einander §§ 197-225
  • Sechster Abschnitt. Die Lehre von der Zukunft, oder von den Belohnungen in diesem und in jenem Leben §§ 226-234

The lectures which Bernard Bolzano held from 1805 up to his dismissal in January of 1820 as a professor for Catholic religious education at the University of Prague in the context of the philosophical studies were published anonymously in 1834 in a four-volume edition with which Bolzano was very unhappy. As part of the collected works of Bolzano there is now for the first time a new critical edition of this work which includes the corrections and variants of a master copy authorized by Bolzano. The textbook is divided into three parts: In the first part Bolzano explains the concept of religion and other terms which are essential for his philosophy of religion and presents the most important theories of natural religion and rational religion, divided into »natural dogmatics« and »natural morality.« In the second part, Bolzano studies the miracles which serve as a confirmation of Catholic Christianity. In the third part, he describes the individual individual articles of faith of »Old Catholic dogmatics« and those of »Old Catholic morality.«

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