Band 6: Hans Caspar Hirzel (1725–1803)

Hans Caspar Hirzel (1725–1803): Die Wirthschaft eines philosophischen Bauers. Reprint of the new, amended edition (Zürich 1774).

With an afterword by Holger Böning.
Volksaufklärung 6
493 p., 12,5 x 17,3 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1403-7
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€ 58.–

When the Zurich city doctor H.C. Hirzel described the way of life and the economic situation of the Swiss peasant Jakob Guyer (called »Kleinjogg«, 1716–1785), this triggered a discussion among the general public in regard to the necessity of educating the peasantry. Up to the 19th century, the Swiss model peasant was one of the most important leading figures in the Enlightenment of the common people. The letters added to the 2nd edition from and to Hirzel document the immense interest shown by educated people in all of Europe in the »socrate rustique.«

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