Band 3: Johann Ludewig (1715-1760)

Der Gelehrte Bauer. Mit D. Christian Gotthold Hoffmanns Vorbericht nebst Kupffern. Neudruck der ersten Ausgabe Dresden 1756.

With an afterword by Holger Böning.
Volksaufklärung 3
283 p., 1 Tafel, 12,5 x 17,3 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1400-6
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This work is a document describing the discovery of the farmer in the German Enlightenment. For the first time, a simple farmer, Johann Ludewig from Cossebaude close to Dresden, was presented with the history of his life and his exceptional abilities as an »example worthy of emulation« for all classes. The preface by a tax collector and three essays by Ludewig, in which he tells his own educational history, are also of interest from the perspective of social and cultural history.

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