Francisco Suárez: De legibus ac Deo legislatore. Liber quintus. Über die Gesetze und Gott den Gesetzgeber. Fünftes Buch. Teil I

Edited, introduced and translated into German Oliver Bach, Norbert Brieskorn and Gideon Stiening.
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PPR I,14.1
640 p., 16,5 x 24,0 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2874-4
First half of 2024

In the fifth book of his legal-theological summa ›De legibus ac Deo legislatore‹ from 1612, Francisco Suárez develops the basis for a theory of punishment. In doing so, the Conimbricensian theologian, philosopher and jurist succeeds in defining and justifying punishment in its legal-theoretical essence and its legal-practical function by deriving the »poena« as a necessary moment of every theory of law. The complex relationship between punishment and sin is also precisely defined. Book V of ›De legibus‹, presented here for the first time in German translation, documents the innovative conceptions of a philosophy and theology of punishment that was to influence the early modern development of political theory in reception and criticism up to the 18th century.

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