Philipp Melanchthon: Band T 3: Texte 521-858 (1527–1529)

Edited by Richard Wetzel.
726 p., 18,0 x 25,4 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1980-3
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€ 298.–

Focal points of this volume include Melanchthon’s journeys as a ecclesiastical visitor (with many new sources), the transfer from the University of Wittenberg to Jena due to an outbreak of the plague, theological controversies among the reformers over the correct understanding of penitence and over the Lord’s supper (including the Marburg Colloquy), imperial politics surrounding the Pack affair, and above all the imperial diet in Speyer at 1529, where the original texts of Melanchthon bring to light completely different points of view from what certain later editors had published.


Timothy J. Wengert, Sixteenth Century Journal

With the appearance of each new volume of texts containing Melanchthon's correspondence (MBW), the Melanchthon-Forschungsstelle of Heidelberg is offering new proof for its irreplaceable contribution to sixteenth-century studies.

Timothy J. Wengert,
Sixteenth Century Journal
Christoph Galle, Ebernburg-Hefte

»Insofern gelingt es den Verantwortlichen des Projekts zur Herausgabe der Melanchton-Korrespondenz, Textbände auf höchstem editorischen Niveau vorzulegen und im Verbund mit den modernsten Rechercheoptionen im Internet ein vorbildliches Arbeitsinstrument zu bieten.«

Christoph Galle,

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