Philipp Melanchthon: Band T 19: Texte 5344-5642 (November 1548–September 1549)

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In 1549, the Interim issued by Charles V continues to cause considerable concern. Melanchthon is prepared to make concessions in the adiaphora in order to preserve the purity of the doctrine and to avert the danger of war. In view of the expulsion of Protestant pastors from Strasbourg and Swabia, the situation is extremely unstable: How many concessions are justifiable without betraying one’s own religious beliefs? Melanchthon is being asked for advice from all sides, but he is also subjected to intense hostility from previous friends who object to the Interim and will not tolerate any compromises. He is concerned about the Protestant doctrine, and this causes him problems with his health. However he is comforted by the fact that the unaltered doctrine is still being taught at the Wittenberg University.

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