Philipp Melanchthon: Band T 12: Texte 3127-3420a (1543)

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The year 1543 began quietly for Melanchthon. He was happy to be able to devote himself to teaching far away from political affairs. His commentary on Daniel was published and sent to friends. However it was not long until the Archbishop of Cologne, Hermann of Wied, summoned him to the reformation of the archbishopric of Cologne. Melanchthon obeyed this summons unwillingly and was in Bonn from the middle of April to the middle of August. He reported on the progress of the work and on the opponents’ intrigues. It was on the Rhine that he saw clearly the implications of the Geldrian war of succession. In many of his letters he expressed his concern for the continued existence of the church in view of the wars at that time and also the threat of other wars.


Matthieu Arnold, Positions Luthériennes

»Cette édition remarquable [...] nous dévoile chaque année un peu plus la personnalité et l’ oeuvre de l’ ›autre Réformateur de Wittenberg‹ mais aussi, plus largement, les débats théologiques et les mentalités de son temps.«

Matthieu Arnold,
Positions Luthériennes

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