Philipp Melanchthon: Band T 14: Texte 3780-4109 (1545)

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The main subject of the year 1545 was religious policy. In January, Melanchthon already knew that Pope Paul III had convened the Council of Trient, which had been announced years ago, for April. However, the start was delayed until December. Melanchthon wrote several expert reports for the diet at Worms. In addition to his duties at the university he was involved in filling vacant positions and in ordinations and spoke up for young academics in about 50 letters of recommendation and intercessions.


Isabelle Deflers, Church History and Religious Culture

»Mit einer unermüdlichen Regelmäßigkeit liefert die Melanchthon-Forschungsstelle der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften seinen jährlichen Beitrag zur Briefedition des Wittenberger Reformators und stets freut man sich darüber, ein neues Kapitel sowohl aus dem Leben Melanchthons und seines Wittenberger Umfelds als auch der Reichspolitik in der Reformationszeit darin zu lesen.«

Isabelle Deflers,
Church History and Religious Culture
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