Johann Valentin Andreae: Band 2: Nachrufe, Autobiographische Schriften, Cosmoxenus

Edited, translated and annotated by Frank Böhling, Roland Edighoffer, Wilhelm Kühlmann and Werner Straube.
577 p., 2 Lesebändchen, 12,7 x 17,8 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1428-0
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Mariae Andreanae Merita Materna (1632)
Johannis Ludovici Andreae Praecox Maturitas (1614)
Vale Academiae Tubingensi (1607)
Mora Philologica (1609)
Tobiae Hessi Immortalitas (1619)
De Christiani Cosmoxeni Genitura Judicium (1619)
Jonathan Wensius (1642)

The second volume contains those works which document Andreae’s academic development at the University of Tübingen (›Vale Academiae Tubingensi‹, ›Mora Philologica‹), and his funeral sermons for his mother, brother and those friends who became especially important to him in the development of his unorthodox, satirical spirituality: Tobias Heß and Jonathan Wense. It was in this environment, on the fringes of the university, that the Rosicrucian writings were drafted. The collection was completed by the first extant spiritual allegory: ›De Christiani Cosmoxeni Genitura Judicium‹ (evaluation of the nativity of Christian Cosmoxenus), with which Andreae began the series of his philosophical-theological writings on reform. The volume documents the beginnings of the major Protestant reform movement on the eve of the Thirty Years‘ War.

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