Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi: Band 14: Briefwechsel August 1805 bis Dezember 1810

Subsidised by the Saxon Academy of Sciences.

Edited by Catia Goretzki.
Ca. 2 Volumes
304 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2668-9
February 2025

The correspondence in this volume marks the beginning of Jacobi’s life in Munich in August 1805 and covers the years up to December 1810, which are politically characterised by the Third, Fourth and Fifth Coalition Wars (1805, 1806/07 and 1809).

As the designated president of the reorganised Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, which he held from 1807 onwards, Jacobi was actively involved in the controversy that broke out between the Bavarian and the newly appointed »North German« scholars and in which, among other things, the battle against the realistic-philanthropic teaching concept was fought out in favour of the neo-humanist educational ideal. The dispute over Schelling’s Philosophy of Nature is also central, in the course of which the dispute opened by Jacobi in 1811/12 is prepared.

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