Johann Werner Meiner: Versuch einer an der menschlichen Sprache abgebildeten Vernunftlehre oder philosophische und allgemeine Sprachlehre

Leipzig 1781. Reprint.

Introduction by Herbert E. Brekle.
GU 6
44*, CX, 490 p., 14,0 x 19,0 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0217-1
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€ 118.–

Similar to the works of Vater and Kempelen in this series, this work also originated in the German tradition of the philosophically oriented universal grammar, whose roots can be traced back from Wolff’s philosophical system directly to Leibniz’s work on linguistics, whose full potential has still not been tapped today. This book deserves particular attention due to the parallels between the basic principles of Meiner‘s (1723–1789) ›Versuch‹ (Attempt) and current efforts to see logic as derived from a universal underlying structure of human language.

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