August Ferdinand Bernhardi: Anfangsgründe der Sprachwissenschaft

Facsimile reprint of the Berlin edition (1805).

With an introduction by Roswitha v. Wild-Schedlbauer.
GU 18
56*, XII, 432 p., 14,0 x 19,0 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-0786-2
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€ 118.–

The first part of the work ›Reine Sprachwissenschaft‹ (Pure Linguistics) deals with the development of language from the elementary phoneme to the complex sentence. In doing so, Bernhardi tries to assign logical categories to grammar. The second part of the work, ›Angewandte Sprachlehre‹ (Applied Grammar), describes the representative function of language in science and in literature. Up to now, Bernhardi’s work has still not received the attention it deserves.

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