Dietrich von Engelhardt: Medizin in Romantik und Idealismus

Gesundheit und Krankheit in Leib und Seele, Natur und Kultur.

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MPh 17,1-4
Ca. 4 Volumes
2328 p.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2950-5
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4 Volumes in preparation

erman Romanticism is not only associated with art, history, theology and philosophy, but - far less noticed - also with medicine and the natural sciences. In contrast to the empirical scientific tendencies of the early modern period and the Enlightenment, physicians around 1800 developed philosophical concepts to overcome the opposites of body and soul, health and illness, nature and culture. The metaphysical understanding of nature of these physicians still influences the search for the preservation and care of nature and a ›humane‹ human medicine today. In four volumes, Dietrich von Engelhardt documents and interprets this fascinating epoch with its positions, persons and sources in the horizon of international interdisciplinary research.

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