Heinrich Khunrath: Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae – Schauplatz der ewigen allein wahren Weisheit

Complete reprint of the first print [Hamburg] 1595, as well as of the second and last print Hanau 1609. Includes a bibliography of Khunrath’s prints and handwritings, an index of names and a concordance of both edtions, as well as a transcript of an 18th century German translation of the ›Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae‹.

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590 p., 362 ill., über 360 Originalseiten als Reprint. Auf 160 Exemplare limitierte und nummerierte Auflage, 35,0 x 30,7 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-1628-4
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€ 598.–

The magnificent first edition of Khunrath’s ›Amphitheatrum‹ has always belonged to the rarest and most coveted books of Paracelsian theology, Christian Kabbalah, magic and alchemy. The reproductions of the artistically arranged texts and text images are preceded by a critical and historical study of Khunrath (ca. 1560–1605) as an important mystic of nature and the impact of his ›Amphitheatrum‹. The edition also provides a transcript and translation of the texts witin the images, an introduction to Khunrath’s iconographical program as well as an extensive bibliography of his works. These are succeeded by a complete reprint of the Hanau edition (1609), with its own unique augmentation and design, including illustrations of the engravings added since the Hamburg edition. The edition also contains a reprint of Johann Arndt’s ›Iudicium über die 4 Figuren‹ and a transcript of a mid-18th century German translation (based on the 1609 Hanau version), supplemented by a substantial introduction analyzing Khunrath’s theosophy within the context of 18th-century piety and enlightenment. A double concordance as well as a detailed name index complete the edition.


Albrecht Beutel, Theologische Literaturzeitung

»Ein großes bibliophiles Kleinod ist zu vermelden, das nicht nur die Herzen (und nicht minder die Etats) aller Bücherfreunde in Wallung versetzen, sondern auch die Kenner und Liebhaber der frühneuzeitlichen Arkanwissenschaften entzücken wird.«

Albrecht Beutel,
Theologische Literaturzeitung
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