Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi: Band 5,1-2: Briefwechsel 1786

Nr. 1307-1608. Supplements: ›Zum Tode Moses Mendelssohns‹ – ›Hamanns »Fliegender Brief«‹. Subsidised by the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

Commentary by Irmgard Huthmacher.
With the assistance of Rebecca Paimann and Janina Reibold.
2 Volumes
XXII, 923 p., 2 ill., 17,6 x 24,5 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2357-2
eISBN 978-3-7728-3464-6
€ 596.–

For Jacobi, 1786 was a year of numerous conflicts, as indicated by a great deal of correspondence as well as the projects on which Jacobi was working. The dispute with Mendelssohn regarding Lessing‘s »Pantheism« (including »Against Mendelssohn‘s Accusations«), the controversy with the Enlightenment philosophers in Berlin regarding »crypto-Catholicism«, and finally Jacobi’s journey to England with the preliminary work on his study of David Hume have been provided with a text-critical apparatus and bibliographies as well as detailed commentaries. For the first time, Jacobi‘s work on the numerous drafts of Hamanns ›Fliegendem Brief‹ (Flying Letter) has been documented exactly and explained in an annex. There is a further annex which documents the conflicts surrounding Moses Mendelssohn’s death.


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»Nicht nur für die Jacobi-Forschung, sondern vor allem auch für die Hamann-Forschung ist dieser Kommentar in zwei Teilbänden unverzichtbar.«

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