Beiträge zur zweiten Verleihung 1991.

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To celebrate the presentation of the Melanchthon Award to the Leipzig theologian Günther Wartenberg in 1991, renowned representatives of academia and the church dealt with the problematic relationship between church and state. The part of the work dealing with history studies Philipp Melanchthon’s ecclesio-political work as an example of the relationships between Reformation theologians and their sovereigns, relationships which were frequently strained. The second point focuses on a subject of current interest. It deals with the controversial introduction of multi-denominational religious education, a subject which is also in dispute within the church. Further aspects of the history of this conflict are shown using the history of the Lutherhalle in Wittenberg, the museum which is known worldwide for its focus on the history of the Reformation. This book, which contains many illustrations, sheds light in a diversity of subjects on the historical and current perspective of the relationship between church and state.

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