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Johannes Calvin’s 500th birthday was in 2009. In spite of all the detailed theological research done on Calvin’s works, it was not until recently that it focused on the subject of »philosophy in the Reformed tradition.« The articles in this edited volume pursue these new approaches and question whether and how the Reformed churches adopted and transformed the tradition of philosophy. This question pertaining to philosophy is pursued in its various disciplines such as practical philosophy, logic and dialectics, anthropology, natural philosophy amd metaphysics. In doing so, in addition to European Calvinism the studies also include the other reform movement in connection with Huldrich Zwingli and thus deal with the full scope of the Reformed church.


  • Günter Frank / Herman J. Selderhuis: Philosophie der Reformierten – Eine Einführung
  • Henri A. Krop: Der Calvinismus: Norm und Probierstein der Philosophie
  • Herman J. Selderhuis: Die Heidelberger Artistenfakultät zur Zeit der Schüler Melanchthons
  • Jan Rohls: Die Metaphysik an reformierten Universitäten
  • Günter Frank: Petrus Ramus als Interpret der aristotelischen Metaphysik – Anmerkungen zum Theologie-Kapitel in Metaphysik XII, cap. 6, 7 und 9
  • Anne Eusterschulte: Der reformulierte Bilderstreit – Grundlagen einer reformierten Theorie der Imago
  • Paul Helm: Calvin and Stoicism
  • Aza Goudriaan: Pelagianism and the Philosophical Orientation of Reformed Orthodoxy
  • Jordan J. Ballor: The Loci Communes of Wolfgang Musculus and Reformed Thought on Free Choice
  • Luca Baschera: »Peccatum originis non esse substantiam« – Rudolph Goclenius’ (1547– 1628) philosophische Widerlegung der flacianischen Erbsündenlehre
  • Joseph Freedman: Johann Kahl’s Collection of Writings on Practical Philosophy (1595) in Context
  • David Sytsma: »As a Dwarfe set upon a Gyants shoulders«: John Weemes (ca. 1579 – 1636) on the Place of Philosophy and Scholasticism in Reformed Theology
  • Frank van der Pol: The Orthodox-Reformed Pietist: Simon Oomius – His Relationship to Philosophy, with Particular Attention to »Dissertatie« (1672) and »Institutiones Theologiae Practicae« (1672 – 1680)
  • Sascha Salatowsky: De Persona – Philosophisch-theologische Debatten zwischen Keckermann und Goslav
  • Birgit Biehler: Reformierte Naturphilosophie im Kontext millenaristischer Erwartungen und universalwissenschaftlicher Projekte
  • Nathan Jacobs: Protestant Scholasticism and the Philosophy of Gottfried Leibniz


Thomas Fornet-Ponse, Concordia

»This highly commendable volume [...] offers not only many valuable and interesting insights into the thought of some well-known and other lesser known but nevertheless important Reformed thinkers but also shows how promising further research concerning the question of a ›philosophy in the Reformed tradition‹ will be.«

Thomas Fornet-Ponse,
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