Elfriede Conrad: Kants Logikvorlesungen als neuer Schlüssel zur Architektonik der Kritik der reinen Vernunft

Die Ausarbeitung der Gliederungsentwürfe in den Logikvorlesungen als Auseinandersetzung mit der Tradition.

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This study opposes the view held by Paulsen, Adickes, Riehl, Kemp- Smith, Strawson etc. that Kant adopted his division into two parts in the ›Critique of Pure Reason‹ without thinking and for purely systematic reasons from the logic of his time. The analysis of transcripts of Kant’s lectures on logic and his reflections shows that Kant developed the two major parts of his main work, transcendental doctrine of the elements and transcendental doctrine of method (Chapter 2) and transcendental analytic and dialectic (Chapter 3), in his lectures in an analysis of traditional logic which he did over a period of many decades.

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