Katsutoshi Kawamura: Spontaneität und Willkür

Der Freiheitsbegriff in Kants Antinomienlehre und seine historischen Wurzeln.

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This work combines issues pertaining to the history of concepts, historical sources, context analysis and composition analysis in order to try to solve the problems posed by the antinomy of freedom in the ›Critique of Pure Reason‹. The study makes it clear how much the wording of Kant’s antinomy of freedom depends on the discussions held during the time between Wolff and Tetens. Kant’s famous dissertation of 1770 is thus also seen in a new light. Kant‘s antinomy of freedom is shown to be the answer to the questions posed by his direct predecessors.


Claudio Cesa, Studi Kantiani

»Die Geschichte der beiden im Titel genannten Begriffe ist eine Fundgrube an Beobachtungen und Anregungen.«

Claudio Cesa,
Studi Kantiani

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