Alexander Altmann: Die trostvolle Aufklärung

Studien zur Metaphysik und politischen Theorie Moses Mendelssohns.

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This collection of essays deals mainly with two key aspects in Mendelssohn’s thinking: metaphysics and politics. Five of the seven essays on metaphysical questions revolve around Mendelssohn‘s view of the world and mankind. By relating his views to those of Spinoza, Leibniz, Jacobi and Lessing, it is possible at the same time to establish his position within the German Enlightenment. Two further studies on metaphysics focus on the problem of God’s existence and divine providence. The five essays on Mendelssohn‘s political theories break new ground. Mendelssohn’s opinions on incendiary themes of the Enlightenment such as natural law and the state of nature, the church’s authority to exert power, freedom of conscience and tolerance are discussed and compared with Kant’s opinions. The volume contains an appendix which brings together the metaphysical and the political and in doing so explains the real meaning of what Mendelssohn meant by »consolatory Enlightenment«.

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