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Enrique M. Ureña: Philosophie und gesellschaftliche Praxis

Wirkungen der Philosophie K. C. F. Krauses in Deutschland (1833–1881).

With a preface by Rudolf Vierhaus.
SuE II,23
528 p., 15,6 x 20,9 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2165-3
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€ 88.–

The book attempts to reconstruct the institutional impact of K. C. F. Krause’s students largely on the basis of previously unpublished manuscripts and to shed light on it in the context of philosophy and the history of education. The book deals extensively with the first German philosophy congresses, organized by the theistic (I. H. Fichte) and Left Hegelian (L. Noack, K. Nauwerck) schools of thought and by Krause’s adherents. Special attention is paid to the close relationship between Fröbel and Krause and the »Krause-Fröbelianism« which arose from it. The study shows the extent to which Krause‘s philosophy, with its concept of philosophy becoming a practical activity and of »human« Europeanism, provided the foundation for Fröbel’s pedagogy, which was influential at that time.

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