Verstand und Sinnlichkeit in der klassischen deutschen Philosophie

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SuE II,63
est. 450 p., 14 x 20,8 cm.
ISBN 978-3-7728-2979-6
March 2025

This edited collection contains current international research contributions on the relationship between understanding and sensibility in Kant’s theoretical philosophy and post-Kantian thinkers such as Fichte, Schelling and Hegel. The volume focuses on key facets of Kant’s distinction and the productive development and transformation it underwent in Classical German Philosophy. It thus provides a systematic overview of central research questions concerning the critical reception and further development of one of the major achievements of Kant’s critical philosophy which continues to have an impact today. - With contributions by Christian Martin, Sabrina Bauer, Andrea Kern, Anton Friedrich Koch, Thomas Wyrwich, Sebastian Stein, Johannes Haag, Marcela Garía-Romero, Georg Oswald, Dina Emundts, Dietmar Heidemann, Daniel Menchaca Ortega.

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